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About Our Maintenance Services

The San Gabriel real estate market is booming and the competition is higher than ever. So, how do you ensure that your unit stays on the rental property hotlist? By taking care of regular property maintenance.

Landlords are doing all they can to maintain their homes and keep them in a desirable condition and that’s what we are experts at doing.

At ZenPro Property Management, we value your properties as much as you do and so, we ensure complete rental maintenance 24/7.

This is our guarantee – Once we start maintaining your home, enhancing its condition, and providing recommendations for useful renovations, your property will be seen as one of the best homes in the neighborhood.

24/7 Emergency Maintenance Services

Issues like leaky roofs, broken pipes, or non-functional air conditioners are a pain, especially at odd hours. We know the importance of fixing these issues on priority though, to ensure that your home and tenants are cared for in time.

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Our 24/7 emergency services offer proper maintenance and tenant retention. With us, you don’t have to worry about any kind of damage, no matter when it arises. We will respond to your tenants, ASAP.

Proactive Maintenance

At ZenPro Property Management, we believe that proactive maintenance is the best maintenance.

We schedule detailed maintenance tasks and ensure that they are carried out efficiently. Also, we divide all tasks fairly between you and the tenants and state these on the lease.

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We also communicate the maintenance-related expectations with your tenants and see to it that they follow the rules, and maintain the home well.


Association With Licensed Contractors

We are associated with several qualified licensed contractors, maintenance and repairs specialists, trade workers, and vendors. With us, you are assured of the quality of work and complete legal compliance.

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No matter how small the maintenance task is, we will ensure that it is either done by an expert, or under an expert’s supervision.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your San Gabriel rental is maintained well, by specialists who know safety codes and have a strong work ethic.


Rigorous Move-In, Move-Out Inspections

It is very important to observe and note the condition of your home during every move-in and move-out inspection.

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At ZenPro Property Management, we use the move-in inspection documentation to define the changes in the home throughout the tenancy, and take essential maintenance steps on time. The move-out inspections allow us to conclude the nature of the damages and draw a plan of action for the resulting repairs required.


Thorough Routine Inspections

Our property managers are particular about routine rental inspections. They hand out the inspection schedules to you and your tenants beforehand so that everyone is on the same page.

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Our team inspects and examines details in the home to immediately take the necessary action, conduct the essential repairs and replacements, and restore your rental unit to its original fully-functioning glory.

We also make sure to give tenants a prior notice to stay legally compliant and to respect their privacy.

Meticulous Documentation

We maintain a detailed file of all the checklists, documents covering damages and repairs, and expense reports as evidence to prove that you have done your part in keeping the home habitable at all times.

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With this meticulous documentation, we strive to help landlords protect themselves and their investments in times of legal disputes and save money on their annual taxes on deductibles.

At ZenPro Property Management, customer satisfaction is our top-most priority.
All our maintenance services are designed to ensure the comfort, habitability, and safety of your tenants at all times.

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With our years of experience in real estate, we have created a guide to help landlords like you make the most out of your rental investments.

We have converted our insights, and valuable tips to grow the rental business into a downloadable eBook for easy access.

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What’s More to Offer At ZenPro Property Management?

Superior property maintenance is just a part of our services. We also offer full property management services that include meticulous tenant screening, exceptional advertising, property showings, detailed lease creation, timely rent collection, effective lease enforcement, generating monthly owner statements, absolute legal compliance, and a lot more.

To know more, contact us at ZenPro Property Management.


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