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Looking after the nitty-gritty of your San Gabriel rental can be challenging, especially if you are managing the unit single-handedly. Sharing the responsibilities with an experienced property manager can ease your stress. 

Here are the ten landlord headaches that a San Gabriel Property Manager can prevent.

1. Screening and Managing Tenants

Finding and screening potential tenants is a demanding task. You need to consider multiple factors like credit reports, employment history, criminal records, and rental history. Furthermore, you have to understand tenant requirements, respond to their requests, get the repairs done on time, collect rents, deal with delayed payments and evictions. Property managers are qualified to handle these tasks on your behalf and reduce your stress related to property management.

2. Handling Legal Issues

As a landlord, you will be required to deal with certain legal hassles related to your house, such as filing taxes, creating notices, and staying up-to-date with housing laws. A property manager can save you the trouble of understanding legal jargon. They can file taxes for your asset, draft notices for pay-or-quit, eviction, and others. Additionally, they are well aware of the housing laws such as the Fair Housing Law and the Landlord-Tenant Law and will ensure that you abide by them, to avoid any legal issues. Furthermore, in case there are any legal troubles from your tenants in the future, they can recommend trusted and experienced attorneys who can help you.

3. Creating Lease Agreements

As a San Gabriel landlord, you need to include all standard and custom clauses in the lease agreements. It can be a tedious task, as you need to include several important details such as duration of the lease, rent price, due date, amount of security deposit, maintenance responsibilities, and more. Property managers can create a comprehensive and watertight lease for you, thus minimizing the chances of misinterpretation and disputes in the future.

4. Minimizing Costly Vacancies

Vacant properties affect your ROI. Property managers can take care of turning over the unit fast by arranging expedited tenant screenings and using effective marketing strategies. They find long-term tenants and try retaining them to save you from the headache of costly vacancies.

5. Handling 24×7 Maintenance and Repairs

Performing regular upkeep and attending emergency repair requests is a must for every landlord. However, San Gabriel property managers can handle everything on your behalf. They can attend to urgent repairs and maintenance calls from tenants and contact the suitable contractor, vendor, or maintenance specialist to ensure that the repairs are done on priority. 

6. Conducting Regular Inspections

Rental inspections require you to pay sharp attention to the condition of the place, create checklists and make definitive notes during the process. While it can be a headache for you, property managers can do this job effortlessly. Based on these inspections, they can also recommend cost-efficient upgrades for your rental to increase its market value.

7. Handling Evictions

Evicting tenants is an unpleasant experience and can ruin your peace of mind. Apart from the emotional trauma of managing evictions you need to be aware of all the laws related to the eviction procedure and follow them to the T, to avoid any legal trouble. Property managers can help you in effectively carrying out the eviction procedure, following the necessary steps, and keeping track of the relevant documents and evidence.

8. Managing Accounts and Financials

Property managers maintain your financial statements, calculate the ROI, estimate the amount required for renovations and other unseen costs and assist you in making the right financial decisions. In addition, they keep detailed track of your income-expense reports which helps you during tax season and also helps you determine if your rental is actually turning a profit.

9. Marketing Your San Gabriel Rental

The San Gabriel market has several desirable properties in great neighborhoods. It can be difficult to make your rental stand out from the rest in this competitive market. The advantage of having a local property manager, who has been working in the real estate market for years, is that they know the trends of the market and can help you figure out how to properly market your house to find the best tenants. In addition, they have a ton of marketing tools, tactics, and resources at their disposal.  

10. Managing San Gabriel Rental When You Are Overseas

woman presenting using a MacBookManaging your rental as an overseas landlord is difficult, to say the least. Having a property manager keep an eye on your unit can be immensely helpful here. As they are within easy reach of the tenant, they can quickly handle all the maintenance issues, ensure lease enforcement, and keep you informed about matters related to your rental.

If you’d like to learn more about how a property manager can reduce your headaches, consult ZenPro Property Management. We have been in the San Gabriel real estate industry for over 18 years and can efficiently handle all your concerns regarding your rental unit.

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