A San Gabriel Property Manager’s Guide to Protecting Your Out-of-State Investment Property - Article Banner

Investing from out of state is easier than ever. Thanks to technology, you can even purchase a rental property from outside of San Gabriel without seeing it. There are video tours, detailed inspection reports, and a lot of local data that can give you an accurate idea of what you’re acquiring. 

Or, perhaps you’re moving out of the area and instead of selling your San Gabriel home, you’ve decided to rent it out. How can you be sure it’s safe and profitable when you’re not there? 

Property management is always a good idea when you own an investment property. When you are renting out a property and you live out of state or even out of the country, property management is absolutely essential. 

At ZenPro Property Management, we work with a number of investors who trust their local rental homes to us even while they live elsewhere. Here’s what we do to protect those investment properties. 

Technology Facilitates Communication  

Investing in technology helps us protect your property and share details with you about how it’s performing. Thanks to our property management software and platforms, we can conduct thorough inspections and generate reports with hundreds of photos. We can instantly accept maintenance requests and dispatch vendors. We can provide you with an owner’s portal so you can check in on rental payments, view maintenance invoices, and even send us messages with questions or requests. 

This provides our out-of-state owner with peace of mind. You’ll always know when rent was paid by the tenant and deposited in your account. You’ll know when maintenance is requested and performed, and how much the bill will be. You’ll know we’re enforcing the lease, holding tenants accountable, and monitoring the condition of your investment. 

Expert Leasing Avoids Vacancy and Places Qualified San Gabriel Tenants 

You cannot easily market, show, and lease your home from afar. 

We take care of it for you. Our experience and understanding of the local rental market will minimize vacancy, attract a large pool of tenants, and ultimately place a well-qualified renter who can be counted on to pay on time, take care of your property, and follow the terms of the lease agreement. We prioritize: 

  • Marketing. High-quality photos, concise descriptions, and responsive tenant communication allow us to attract a large pool of potential tenants. 
  • Showings. We show your property at times that are convenient for your tenant. Self-showing technology is used when necessary to get tenants into your home as quickly as possible. 
  • Screening. Our process is detailed, rigorous, fair, and consistent. We protect your property by holding tenants to high standards for income, credit, and rental history.

A good leasing process leads to a positive rental experience for your tenants and for you, no matter where you are located. 

Protecting your Property with Preventative Maintenance  

Maintaining your property from out of state isn’t impossible. But it also isn’t easy. 

You need a local property manager to respond to emergencies and take care of routine repairs. We also invest in preventative maintenance, ensuring that those expensive emergencies are rare. You won’t have to worry about the condition or value of your property deteriorating as long as we are maintaining it. This protects the ROI you’re earning on your investment, and it also ensures your tenants are having a positive rental experience where their maintenance requests are responded to right away. 

We also protect our out-of-state investors by keeping them compliant with all local and federal rental laws. California is often difficult to navigate. We have to work within strict fair housing requirements, and rent control laws, just cause eviction requirements, and laws that pertain to Section 8 tenants, security deposits, and service animals. 

Property Management PartnerWork with a smart property management partner when you’re investing from out of state. It’s the only way to protect your property and have a profitable rental experience. If you’d like some help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ZenPro Property Management.