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Long rental turnover periods are distressing, but a landlord has to be ready to deal with them. The process of terminating the existing lease and giving possession to a new tenant needs to be done systematically and quickly to minimize vacancies and maximize your ROI. 

Here are a few key tips that will help you understand how you can turn over your Temple City Rental property fast.

  • Start Showing the Temple City Property to New Tenants 

If the existing tenants are willing to renew the lease, well and good. However, if they plan to discontinue the lease, ask for a written copy with their signatures. This will let you begin with the process of turning over the property without wasting any time. Inform them about the date and time by which they are expected to leave the property by sending a formal notice. Then, you can officially bring in potential tenants for showing the house and prepare for the move-out inspection. The process will, therefore, become smooth and speedy.

  • Conduct a Thorough Move-Out Inspection

Scheduling the inspection when the tenant is moving out allows you to examine the damages properly, find contractors, and make it rent-ready for new tenants. Plus, if you notice any severe damages caused due to negligence, you can also deduct a reasonable amount from the security deposit.

Arrange the move-out inspection approximately two weeks before the tenants’ moving date. This way, you’ll get the necessary repairs and renovations done soon and speed up the process of turning over the property. Referring to the move-out checklist and routine maintenance reports will further expedite the process. 

  • Make Necessary Repairs and Renovations in Your Temple City Rental

Before giving possession to the new tenants, the property must be back to its original spruced-up condition. Pay close attention to the remarks on the move-out checklist. After repairing the home, you can invest in light renovations like installing a new carpet, adding small artifacts, and enhancing the home’s curb appeal to attract more tenants and quickly turn over the rental.

  • Advertise Your Temple City Property

Effective advertising significantly helps in turning over your rental home faster. The platforms that are most suitable for advertising a property are:

  • Listings: Put up your property ad on the trusted and popular websites like Zillow, Trulia, or Realtor. This will enhance the visibility of your property and let potential renters view your house online. They can also get in touch if they like the features.
  • Social Media: Using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for posting property details and pictures can also help prospects spot you. It’ll help you rent your place quickly since most people actively look for rental home adverts on these sites. 
  • Word-of-Mouth: When someone vouches for your property, it creates a positive impression in the tenant’s mind even before they visit the property. Let the neighbors know that your house is vacant as they might offer leads, helping you rent out faster.

Managing these processes simultaneously without inconveniencing your existing tenants is essential. To minimize tenant turnover and rent out your Temple City property faster, consult a reputed property management company like ZenPro Property Management. 

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