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Handling property-related damages can be a nightmare for the owners. It decreases your rental’s appeal, diminishes property value, and results in repairs that take up a massive chunk of your maintenance budget. Therefore, it is essential for Arcadia homeowners to know all about wear and tear damages, what leads to these, and how they can be minimized. 

What is Normal Wear and Tear?

Normal wear and tear is the expected depreciation of a unit or damage to any item in the unit that occurs due to regular use or exposure to different weather conditions over time. It is different from the property damages that occur due to irresponsible use or negligence by the tenants. 

As a landlord, you are responsible for getting the wear and tear repairs done without charging your tenant for these expenses. 

Examples of Normal Wear and Tear for an Arcadia Rental

Sometimes, landlords tend to get confused between regular wear and tear and property damages. Here are a few examples that can help you understand the difference between them.

  • When the carpets of your Arcadia property are faded, worn thin, or a little too frayed in areas with greater footfall, it could be due to normal wear and tear. However, if the carpet is ripped or burnt or has a lot of stains for its age, it is a potential sign of property damage.
  • Over time, the paint or the wallpaper of your rental may fade or get slightly chipped, or there may be minor dents and scuff marks. This can be considered as an expected depreciation. But, if there are big patches, coffee and ink stains on the wall, there is a high chance that it is accidental or intentional damage.
  • Appliances generally come with a life expectancy. Water heaters and air conditioners, for instance, usually work for several years. They may wear out and need minor fixes like fixing the cords or basic servicing. However, if improper use by tenants leads to its malfunctioning, it cannot be considered as reasonable wear and tear.
  • The enamel in the bathrooms or sinks can get scratched or worn, and the pipes could get clogged or rust due to exposure to water. This is usually categorized as normal wear and tear, unlike damage such as use of strong cleaning agents or broken pipes and faucets.

How to Prevent or Minimize Wear and Tear Issues in Your Arcadia Rental Property? 

Proactive MaintenanceYou can minimize wear and tear issues by performing proactive maintenance in your rental property with a few simple steps. Ensure timely response to tenants’ maintenance requests. It will encourage them to report damages at the earliest and, and let you take corrective steps before the issue worsens. 

Communicate your expectations related to the use of property to the tenants. Your lease should also explicitly mention these responsibilities. When the tenants see how particular you are about the upkeep of the property, they tend to use the house more responsibly. 

There are several other factors that can minimize the wear and tear of rental homes in Arcadia. To learn about these and see how you can take care of them for your property, consult a professional property management company in Arcadia, like ZenPro Property Management. We have been in the real estate business for over 18 years and can help you safeguard your property from the impact of wear and tear with regular maintenance, inspection, and repairs.

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