What Temple City Homeowners Should Expect From a Property Management Company

Property owners looking for a professional Temple City property management company should have high expectations for how that company will help an investment property perform. A good management company will find, place, and retain exceptional tenants. They will ensure you earn consistent rental income. They will help you increase your long term returns and protect the value and condition of your investment.

Any full-service property management company should provide more than the basic services of rent collection and tenant placement. You should expect all the expertise, resources, and advice that you want from experienced professionals.

Here are some of the most important things to look for in Temple City property management.

Responsive and Accessible Communication

Communication needs to be a big part of your property management experience throughout the entirety of the leasing and management process.

Some of the owners we work with appreciate a lot of communication about what’s going on at the property. Other owners prefer only to be contacted if there’s a problem or a major expense. It’s important that your property management company communicates in a way that makes you comfortable. Discuss your expectations at the beginning of your property management relationship. Make sure your property managers will be accessible and available to you when you have questions. Ask about whether they provide an owner portal, where you can check in on accounting statements and inspection reports or send a message.

Temple City Marketing, Screening, and Leasing Services

Successful rental experiences start with high quality tenants. This requires a good marketing strategy, an excellent commitment to communication, and an awareness of the local market. A full-service leasing and management company should understand your home’s rental value and how it compares to competing properties. Your management company should take great pictures and market your listing on all the popular rental websites that tenants are using. They should also respond to questions and messages swiftly and schedule showings.

You’ll need a thorough application and screening process that follows all fair housing laws and includes recent requirements. For example, landlords in Temple City and throughout California can no longer reject a tenant simply for having a Section 8 housing voucher. It’s considered income, and you must screen accordingly.

The goal of any leasing process is to find a fantastic tenant quickly. You want to utilize the expertise and resources of your property managers to minimize vacancy and establish the right rental value while searching for well-qualified residents.

Transparency on Maintenance and Property Condition

Property managers will respond to routine and emergency maintenance situations, and they should also keep an eye on preventative maintenance. You don’t want to replace your heating and cooling unit every few years, and you should expect your management company to keep your maintenance costs down.

A good management company will partner with preferred vendors who offer discounts and provide outstanding workmanship. You need a property manager to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Transparency is important. You want to be informed about the condition of your investment and whether tenants are taking care of it. Make sure you receive detailed condition reports and inspection photos. You don’t want deferred or unreported maintenance issues to increase your expenses.

Transparent Accounting and Reducing Risk

Transparent Accounting and Reducing RiskFull-service property management includes staying up to date on all the laws pertaining to your rental property and your tenants. The laws in Temple City and throughout California are growing more complex, so you’ll want to hire experts in the field who can help you with updated lease agreements and disclosures. Legal mistakes can be expensive, and you want to avoid those.

Regular accounting statements should also arrive, usually when your rent is paid. Good property managers show you the income and expenses associated with your property, and provide all the information you need in a way that’s accurate, detailed, and transparent.

These are only a few of the expectations you should have when you begin working with a Temple City property management company. If you’d like to hear more about the services and value any property owner should expect to receive, contact us at ZenPro Property Management.