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Landlords and tenants are equal participants when it comes to maintaining the health of your San Gabriel rental property. Each has their own maintenance responsibilities and both are expected to fulfill their independent obligations to ensure that the rental is habitable for years. However, sometimes it can be unclear who is supposed to handle which repairs, if it is not clearly stated in the lease agreement. To clear that confusion, here are a few standard responsibilities of San Gabriel tenants and landlords when for rental utilities and maintenance.

Responsibilities of Landlords for Rental Utilities and Maintenance

Conduct Regular Inspections

It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the house safe and habitable at all times. San Gabriel landlords are expected to track the condition of the property with regular inspections. They are required to check the issues and identify if they have occurred due to regular wear and tear or have been caused by the tenants. Look for structural issues, mold, and leakage problems, environmental hazards, and maintenance of common areas in multi-family properties. Conducting regular inspections helps you build a positive relationship with your renters and preserve the rental value of your home.

Undertake Proactive Maintenance

Landlords are responsible for taking care of preventive maintenance to ensure safe living for tenants. Homeowners can identify potential repairs with regular inspections and prevent them from occurring. It includes monthly or yearly upkeep activities based on the condition of the property. Some of the things that landlords need to take care of under proactive maintenance include,

  • Checking the roof twice a year (preferably during winter and spring)
  • Checking air filters every month for dirt and dust
  • Cleaning drains semiannually to ensure smooth functioning
  • Cleaning of plumbing systems
  • Repairs or replacement of non-functional appliances

Communicate Maintenance Expectations to Tenants in The Lease Agreement

Along with maintaining the rental themselves, landlords are also expected to let tenants know of their duties regarding repairs and upkeep through the maintenance clauses in a lease agreement. These may include:

  • Handling the property with care
  • Keeping the house clean
  • Reporting maintenance issues as soon as noticed
  • Maintaining the lawn

Ensuring Uninterrupted Availability of Essential Utilities to Tenants

Landlords are responsible for providing basic utilities to renters, such as gas, 24/7 running water, electricity, sewer, trash disposal, security systems, and exhaust systems. The owner should also ensure that all these utilities are in good working condition.

Responsibilities of Tenants for Rental Utilities and Maintenance

Tenants should treat the place as their home and be considerate of the amenities and conveniences that the landlords are providing. They should be active contributors to the maintenance of the place. Some of the renters’ responsibilities for utility and maintenance are as follows.

Reporting Maintenance Issues to the Landlords 

Renters are responsible for reporting all maintenance issues, such as leakages or mold infestations, to the landlords on time. They can submit the maintenance requests via email or on the online property maintenance platform as decided mutually in the lease agreement. Renters are also expected to immediately report any significant damages that have been caused due to their negligence.

Keeping The Property Clean 

Tenants are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the house and its exteriors, like the yard or the porch. This includes, 

  • Disposing of the garbage regularly
  • Removing excessive trash
  • Trimming the lawn and keeping it mowed
  • Cleaning the floor and furniture items regularly
  • Keeping the toilet sink clean 
  • Not dumping plastic items or napkins in the toilet, to prevent blockages

Using The Utilities Responsibly

Renters should use utilities such as water and electricity responsibly and avoid wastage of resources. A renter is expected to:

  • Switch lights and appliances off when they’re not using them
  • Closing taps and flowing water when not in use
  • Using the cooktop responsibly to avoid wastage of gas

Work Hand in HandIf tenants and landlords both work hand-in-hand, they can increase the longevity of the San Gabriel property and keep it well maintained for years. In addition, you can also take help from a reliable and renowned property management company like ZenPro Property Management to ensure regular upkeep and maintenance of your San Gabriel rental. Our experienced property managers can help you understand your responsibilities for your single-family unit and our network of contractors can ensure that all these repairs are done on time.

For more details about how to undertake regular maintenance, connect with us at ZenPro Property Management.