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When you’re preparing to invest in San Gabriel rental property, you need to know what you’re looking for and where you’ll find it. 

San Gabriel has a strong demand for well-maintained rental housing. Anywhere you invest will likely deliver high rents and a large pool of tenants. This community is attractive to local and international investors, and if you’re not familiar with the city and its various neighborhoods, we’re talking today about where you should focus your search for an investment property.

Remember: the right property and the right neighborhood will depend on your unique investment goals. Make sure you know what those are.

Northeast San Gabriel: Desirable Neighborhoods and High-Priced Rental Homes

When highly qualified tenants are looking for a rental home in San Gabriel, they’re likely thinking about the northeast parts of the city. This is a growing and desirable area, full of great restaurants, easy shopping, great entertainment, and a little bit of luxury in the way the neighborhoods feel. You’ll spend a bit more acquiring your investment property, but you’ll also earn higher rents and attract fantastic residents. 

Southeast San Gabriel is Affordable for Investors 

If you’re looking to invest in multi-family properties or you want to buy something that’s a bit more affordable, focus on the southeast regions of the city. East Pasadena and South San Gabriel are ideal locations for a reasonably priced investment.

Luckily, the gorgeous San Gabriel Valley offers plenty of choices to buyers who are looking for single-family homes, townhouses, or mobile homes. Thanks to all essential amenities, a diverse culture, and an active nightlife, living in San Gabriel Valley and its neighborhoods is a memorable experience.

Popular Neighborhoods around the San Gabriel Valley

When you’re looking to buy an investment home in and around San Gabriel, you’ll need to know where people want to live. These neighborhoods are extremely popular:

  • Monterey Park

Space, peace, and pretty surroundings are what you’ll find in Monterey Park. The housing prices here are also more affordable than in other parts of San Gabriel.

  • South Pasadena

This neighborhood is close to Los Angeles. There’s a large pedestrian-friendly shopping and strolling area, and residents love living here for the trendy bars and restaurants. A lot of large houses line the streets of South Pasadena, but you can find a diverse mix of more affordable housing here as well. 

  • Alhambra

Lots of residential streets in Alhambra, which have a strong sense of community. It’s diverse and open to just about everyone. The downtown area is historic, and there’s no shortage of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. 

  • Arcadia

There’s a lot to do in Arcadia, whether you enjoy hanging out at the park or shopping. This is one of the more affluent areas in the San Gabriel Valley, but investors can find reasonably priced properties throughout the neighborhood. Santa Anita Park is the big draw in Arcadia, where people love to watch horses and horse racing. 

Investment GoalsLike we said earlier in the blog – the right neighborhood for you will depend on your investment goals and the type of property you’re looking for. Let’s talk about it. Contact us at ZenPro Property Management.