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Succeeding as a landlord in a competitive rental market like Los Angeles is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a demanding job and needs you to possess certain skills to handle your rental business effectively and maximize your cash flow.

Here is a list of skills that every Temple City landlord needs to have.

Time Management

As a landlord in Temple City, you often have new tasks on your hand every day. There might be urgent fixes, routine maintenance, meetings with the contractors and vendors, painters, or new tenant screenings. If you possess multiple properties, your tasks also multiply. It is, therefore, important for any homeowner to be efficient in time management. 

You should be able to make the most out of your time. For instance, if you know that the tenants are vacating the property in a couple of months, you should use this time to enhance the condition of your rental without causing inconvenience to the existing tenants. You can also create to-do lists, set time limits, plan well, and allocate work for improved time management.

Managerial Skills 

Being organized is very important when you have to manage a rental unit in Temple City because, in addition to managing different processes like tenant screening and rent collection, you are also required to take care of the paperwork like maintaining a record of rental applications, vendor W-9s, lease agreements, and copies of notices sent out to the tenants. You can deal with such multiple tasks efficiently only if you have good managerial skills. 

Soft Skills

As a landlord, you should be clear and straightforward while communicating with your tenants. It is important to be able to express the expectations or any requirements with confidence. A good landlord is also a good listener. You should, therefore, be proactive in responding to the tenants, understand their issues and resolve those as soon as possible. 

The ability to resolve conflicts is also a part of soft skills. For instance, if there is miscommunication between the tenants and the contractor making repairs in the house, the landlord should step in and resolve the issue quickly to smooth things over. 

Leadership Abilities

As a property owner, you need to work with several different professionals for effective property management. These could be property managers in Temple City, contractors, vendors, or lawyers. Since they will all be working for your property, you should take the lead and that they work in synchronization.   

Marketing Skills

Landlords need marketing skills to effectively advertise their Temple City homes.  You need to be updated with the trending marketing platforms in the neighborhood and use your creativity to make your property stand out among competitors. Marketing skills also include ability to create effective content, click great pictures of the unit, and increase its online visibility.

Basic Accounting and Budgeting Skills

Accounting SkillsWhen you invest a huge amount of money in a Temple City rental, you should also be able to keep a record and manage the cash flow. Learn what are key aspects of profit and loss reports, how to estimate ROI, plan out budget-friendly renovations and replacements, and identify hidden costs of managing a property. It is also good to have a basic knowledge of property taxes and the other deductibles. 

These were some of the skills that a Temple City landlord needs to have, based on our experience. Having said that, you can alternatively hire a trusted, professional property manager to handle all property-related tasks and reduce the weight on your shoulders, like ZenPro Property Management. 

With over 18 years of experience in the California real estate market, we can successfully help Temple City landlords manage their properties and ensure that it turns a good ROI over the years. 

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